Some Disclaimer Stuff.In most cases, virus cleanings can take up to 24 hours to complete. Depending when the machine arrives at our shop, we can have it back to you the same day. We do offer rush services for an extra $25.00 on virus cleanings. If a screen is in stock, we can replace that within the 24 hour period. We do not carry all screens and sometimes do have to special order them.

We do recycle machines for a no-charge. We cannot recycle printers, older monitors with tubes, and other electronics that have non-bio degradable parts.

How BeNerdified! works?

Computer Stops Working

Bring it in, and one of our staff will gladly help you and we will diagnose it quickly and let you know what it will take to repair.

Diagnose the Problem

After the diagnostic on the machine, we will either call you or tell you on the spot what needs to be done so you can get back to watching videos or working.

Screen Replacements

Even if your screen is broken, you may not even have to buy a new computer. It is much cheaper for a repair than to buy a new machine. Let us consult you.

We Do Recycle!

Our recycle program is completely free! We accept your old machines and even clear out and destroy precious data on your hard drives before we recycle them.

Why to choose us?

We have over 20 years experience in the field of computers, repair, servicing, and networking. We have been open as a storefront for over 5 years! A+ certified and knowledgeable with computer repairs. We can even help you design your next computer build.

FREE Diagnostics

Fast and Friendly Support

Over 20 Years Experience

Honest and Reliable Technicians

Pricing is always a big factor!


Zane took time to help me build my computer from the ground up all while explaining to me everything along the way. THANKS AGAIN!!


I recently bought a computer from them, and the computer is working excellent. Thanks guys!


I've had to go to Nerdz for Hire more times than I'd like to admit, but my computer is always returned in great working order!


Nerdz For Hire, including a fellow Taconic High School alum, bailed me out the other day by updating WiFi driver software and cleaning up virus and malware from my PC. It was a last minute request, since I had to go out of town, and they gladly helped. NFH are some of the 'last guys who know what the hell is going on in computer technology' - thank you.


Nerdz is first rate and Zane (the Super Nerd) is a generous, skilled and thoughtful guy. And prices his work fairly.

Nam Massa

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